New Horizon Foundation Pakistan

Working for Depressed and Marginalized Youth of South Punjab


New Horizon Foundation, abbreviated “NHF” is a non-government, non-profitable and Youth-led organization dedicated to improving the betterment, economic uplift and uneducated youth of southern Punjab Pakistan.

The Foundation's projects in basic needs, education seek to heal, medical care strengthen and empower the Pakistan's most vulnerable youth, especially those who are less likely to be adopted due to age or special needs.

Our programs provide more opportunities to the youth to empower in the society.

New Horizon Foundation creates opportunities for youth to become self-reliant and contributing members of the society. It provides an effective mechanism to youth especially poor and socially-excluded youth to reintegrate into the society as active citizens and not as citizens in waiting. We create awareness about the concept of youth social entrepreneurship and youth service among the citizen sector, business and academic audiences.

NHF within its available limited resources is based in a depressed community, run by the educated and professional people, inspired to help the community for better education, skills, health conditions, clean environment, and economic uplift. Thus through enhanced capacity building, youth would play unique role in society.

NHF do this by enhancing the lives of inner-city marginalized youth by expanding the learning opportunities available to them, pointing the way to a future full of hope and working together to create that future.


The pioneer of New Horizon Foundation has vast experience of youth activities throughout Pakistan especially South Punjab. According to our opinion that there is much need to work will change in youth’s situation. We know some organizations working on youth issues but these organizations does not belong local and their programs sometimes failed in these areas and they don’t get positive result in these areas. So, we are local and we know youth’s problems absolutely and also know the solutions. Therefore, me and likeminded friends held a platform for this purpose, its name “New Horizon Foundation”.


Empowers Youth to Identify and Develop their Dreams to make their Future Bright


To Find the new ways to Empower the Youth of South Punjab by Building Youth Network Groups and linkages with National and International Organizations


Youth will bring the positive change in the Society through Unity, Peace, Love and Interfaith Harmony